Banner Sizes

All banners are produced on 13 mil hemmed vinyl.

Various sizes available. 

Vertical banners come with the option of having an X stand backing or NOT HAVING an X stand backing.

Retractable banners come with a stand as well.

Small Banner is 24" x 63"

Medium Banner is 32" x 72"

Large Banner is 48" x 78",

Retractable Banner is 33" x 80"


X-STAND Information:

This X banner stand is our least expensive banner stand option. X banner stands get their name because when set up, the banner stand frame looks like the letter X. This style of stand is extremely lightweight and simple with a reputation for being the best of the least expensive banner stands. There are 4 fiberglass arms that reach from a center hub to the 4 corners of the banner and hook through grommets to hold the banner under tension. The tips on the bottom two arms sit on the ground and a rear folding leg balances the banner like a tripod.

 Banners are printed on demand.  Please allow 5 business days for printing and 3-4 business days for shipping and delivery.

NOTE: Customization on banners is optional, not required.

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